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Spanish Classes, Homestays, or Volunteering in Quito, Ecuador

Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture by learning Spanish, living with an Ecuadorian family, or helping children while you work as a volunteer in Quito. We do not charge any registration fee for volunteering activities.

Now featuring first class housing & meals in the safest area of Quito for $23 per night. 

Most Popular Options

  • Learn Spanish in one of Quito’s most highly regarded Spanish schools. Quito is generally considered the best place to learn Spanish due to it’s neutral, easy to understand accent. We charge 15% less than booking with the Spanish school directly.


  • Live with an Ecuadorian family during a homestay in Quito. Safely immerse yourself in the language and customs of the locals. Lodging and meals only cost $23 per night.



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