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Extra Services Included



In addition to the information that you will receive before coming to Ecuador, we offer a one day orientation meeting upon arrival at no extra cost. In this meeting you may ask any questions you may have.

There will be no meeting before arriving to Ecuador. In our Orientation Meeting in Quito we will provide information regarding the Spanish training program or volunteer project. Participants will be given information on the local culture, city transport, personal security, banks, health assistance, responsibilities, weather, social activities, sightseeing, tours, etc.

Our organization does not request any registration fee for Students of Spanish, volunteers, or for tourists housed in our host family homes. However we do offer 24/7 hours of support.

A certificate or diploma will be rewarded upon completion of the Spanish training or volunteering vacation. If you volunteer position lasts more than 16 weeks (112 days), the Diploma is issued in an elegant metal and mahogany plaque.

Additional Information:

At the airport after you exit customs and go through the arrival hall you can buy your ticket ($8 USD) at the red kiosk located to the right. The bus, AĆ©reo Servicios, runs directly from the airport to the bus air terminal in Quito. From this terminal you can take a taxi to the host family home for $4 USD. However we should collect participants at the airport arriving in groups up to seven each at no extra cost.

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