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Allow us to welcome you to our homes. We are a group of five retired families offering housing to Spanish students, travelers, and volunteers.

In Quito, it's important that your home is in a good neighborhood and you stay with a family that has experience making your time as safe and as culturally fulfilling as possible.

Our homes are located in one of the best residential neighborhoods of Quito, surrounded by all types of restaurants, movie theaters, parks and shopping centers. Bus stops for public bus lines are available at the corner for just 25 cents.

We offer accommodation, with two bedrooms, two beds in each each room, which are fully equipped including a small refrigerator, with a private bathroom. Additionally, we have Wi-Fi, fast speed Internet.

Homestay Costs

Our homestays are exceptionally affordable. For instance, one of our homes is a 320-square meter (3200 square feet) elegant European-style flat located next to the Sheraton Hotel and Carlton Hotel. We mention this last detail, to highlight the difference between the Sheraton's $250 nightly rate and the homestay fee from $23 for our Spanish students and volunteers (which includes meals). For travelers, the homestay cost is $45 per room/night (Double bed or  two single beds, private bathroom), wich includes breakfast. See the Costs page for more information.

Getting Here

Once you are assigned a home within our program, please confirm your flight number and date and time of arrival in Quito.

The trip from the airport directly to our home costs $25 by taxi. Alternatively, a bus from the new airport to the old airport costs $8, then a cab from the old airport to our homes costs $4.

Please have a look at our Cost Section for details.


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