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www.volunteeringecuador.org has a few international representatives. Below are some of our former volunteers who have sent letters of their experiences. You may contact former Spanish students or volunteers for first-hand accounts of the Volunteering Ecuador experience by E-mail, which will be provided upon request.




"I spent two months working with Volunteering Ecuador (VE). In this time, I met a lot of volunteers

from other organisations. I am 100% satisfied Volunteering Ecuador was the best organised and

only non-profit making organisation I encountered in my time here in Quito. It also offered the

most fulfilling volunteer positions and put my medical training to the best possible use. My home stay

with my Ecuadorian family and the support from the organisation was fantastic and I could not

have asked for more. Despite having no Spanish on arrival, schooling and appropriate home stay

was organised. I could not recommend this organisation more."

Dr. Fergus McCarthy


"This organisation operated in an exceptionally honest and dependable manner. Before my arrival,

I was clearly told the financial obligations required. Upon my entry to Ecuador those same

obligations remained exactly the same. —No hidden expenses suddenly arose.... Volunteering

Ecuador (VE) was extremely flexible in designing my volunteer schedule in a way that fit how I

wanted to utilize my time in Quito. Before selecting volunteer work, I was shown different sites and

given the chance to select based on my preferences as well as volunteering at times which allowed

me to take Spanish classes in the morning. I appreciated the effort VE made to ensure the

experience met my needs as well as their needs. My time at the volunteer site was extremely

enjoyable because I was free to create my own program within the site's structure.… I would

strongly recommend this organisation to others interested in volunteering and would gladly

volunteer through them again in the future."


Michael Reeder


"Volunteering Ecuador was exactly what I was looking for. it was incredibly flexible and

accommodating in all aspects, from the delicious meals served every day to the type of project(s)

you can get involved in. It is locally run and completely nonprofit, so you can be sure that the small

amount of money you spend is going to a good cause, and not to pay the exorbitant administrative

costs of an international volunteering organization. VE gives you the perfect chance to help people

in dire need of your love and time, but allows you to indulge in a little (or a lot) of exploring around

the city of Quito and the amazingly diverse landscape of the country of Ecuador."

Jessica Vosburgh


"Volunteering Ecuador is by far the best choice for anyone who truly wants to help the poorer end

of Ecuador. The organization charges no more than what is necessary for what needs to get done

and takes no profit. All the other organizations charge obscene amounts to make a profit, and I

just don't think that's what a volunteer organization ought to be about. Since I've been here I've

not only done volunteer work in a children's hospital, but the organization also set me up with an

amazing Spanish academy, and I feel I've learned quite a bit. I couldn't ask for more. Meeting

amazing people at school, at the hospital, helping the poor kids, and just having an unforgettable,

more than worthwhile learning experience of a lifetime is what this has been all about for me. I'd

say it's definitely a must do."

Best wishes.

Vince Dyer

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