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Three Month Program (Gap Year)

We offer a three-month (89-day) gap year volunteer program that includes a homestay with a host family and a volunteer placement. You volunteer only in the morning, Monday - Thursday. You have afternoons and weekends free (from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening) to do as you like, such as touring Quito and other places in Ecuador. After this volunteering vacation, it is up to you to organize independently tours to the Galapagos or to other South American or European countries before returning home. The three month Gap Year program is administrated directly by us or by our overseas representatives, bearing in mind that the costs will be the same. Please check for details through our Contact section. You will receive full information on this program. Our overseas agents will contact or visit you.

We kindly ask you to contact our former or present Spanish students or volunteers to gather impressions about the quality of our program. You can call or skype us if you wish.

Gap Year Program dates:

January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December

*A 20% Agent commission will be added to any number of days or weeks you decide to stay.

Our Price* for 1 week Our Price* for 12 weeks (89 days)
$161 $2047

Volunteers do not need to pay a registration fee. This cost will cover expenses for the host family only.


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