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Volunteers work for four hours during the morning, Monday-Thursday. Options include primary schools, day care centers, hospitals, and orphanages. Additionally, volunteers are able to work at a center for physically and mentally disabled children. The ability to speak Spanish is not necessary for any placement.

To learn more information about program expenses see our Cost page. According to Ecuadorian laws, unless diplomas have been recognized locally, no volunteer can perform in a professional capacity. Our volunteers (graduates or not) assist or shadow local professionals at the assigned placement. Your responsibilities will be assigned by the placement's authorities, especially in the health field.

Tasks involved with working with these children include:

  • Playing with the children
  • Telling stories in Enlgish (older children)
  • Teaching songs, good manners at the table and the like
  • Supervising the children in various activities (painting, singing, outings, etc) and during breaks

You may also choose to work in a school as a teacher. However, all applicants must have some type of basic knowledge in their area of choice. Subjects include English language, music, arts, basic computer skills, and physical education. Teachers are needed for a minimum of one month and are welcome to stay as long as desired (Volunteers can be certified teachers or not.) Normally volunteers without any experience in teaching are assigned to a specific classroom to help local teachers. This is especially convenient considering classroom sizes, which average 30-40 students, aged 7-14 years old.

Note: We work closely with a number of schools and shelters for street children in order to improve the future of our country's youth. Our goal is to coordinate with and support organizations placing children back in school, as well as with the schools themselves. In the educational field, one of our main goals is that our children learn English. When a child between the ages of 1 and 14 years old learns English, he/she can learn the basics more easily and without a local accent. Therefore, you do not need to speak Spanish at the day care centers or in classrooms.


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