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We run our own programs and we also co-operate with other institutions devoted to social work in Quito. We have to emphasize that our organisation does not offer any placement to volunteer as professionals; this is especially true in the health sector. Ecuadorian regulations forbid foreigners to work as professionals unless their titles are recognized locally. Thus, a professional applicant would contribute as assistant to a local professional assigned.

Below we list the areas that you can choose to work in and a brief description of your main responsibilities.

Volunteering in health care 

Volunteer at a public hospital caring for disadvantaged children in Quito, Ecuador

Volunteering at daycare centers
You will deal with poor children only. These children need care in a variety of ways; you will provide basic assistance in feeding, playing with, dressing and washing the children etc.

Volunteering with street children -  outreach
In this role you would work in centers created to provide a place for street kids to relax, do homework, play games, take food, and socialize. You would be involved in assisting in these activities. These children spend much of their day on the streets in Quito selling sweets, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc and welcome a friendly face in a safe environment.

Volunteering in orphanages in Quito
This role involves general day-care and teaching to the children. We encourage volunteers to remain in this position for at least three months, as the kids get highly attached to you and feel a sense of abandonment when you depart.

Volunteering in centers for physically and mentally disabled children.
Volunteers working in these institutions help and care in a number of ways. Specific to this work is to make them feel secure and happy while re-affirming the therapies provided for them by the center. These children are always in need of new, stimulating activities.

Teaching English, sciences, computing, sports, music and arts in general.
Whether certified or not, you can teach English at basic levels in a variety of locations. Please remember that schools in Quito are closed from mid July to early September.

In all placements the personality of the volunteer is the most important factor. Your devotion to the poor is paramount. The love and care you bestow upon the children will be remembered forever.

NOTE: Some placements are located in the old town of Quito, which is a colonial part of the city; other projects are on the outskirts of the city where the poor neighborhoods are mostly located. We cooperate only with those placements which are located in secure areas and well served by public transport.

We ask you to contact our former or present volunteers first to make sure our programs are right for you. Former volunteers can give you valuable first-hand information about who we are. You can call us directly if you wish.

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