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We are a group of five middle-class families who are former diplomats, experts of international organizations and university professors. We offer Spanish Lessons at one of the most prestigious Spanish schools in South America for a better understanding of the South American culture. For this reason our organization includes discussions in English and Spanish alternatively on social and economic development in South America, along with the Spanish courses offered. With our wives, we devote our time to helping children who are ill and poor in Quito. We have no salaries and no staff.

Volunteering Ecuador is a non-profit organization that coordinates Spanish training and volunteer programs with local organizations. VE does not receive monetary assistance from the local government or from any other official or international source.Volunteering Ecuador does not request any registration fee, except for the Spanish lessons at the academy ($40 USD).

Our Mission is to contribute to the expansion the Spanish language in the world as it, after the English language, is the most valuable language for professional and cultural purposes. This is especially true for high school and university students in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. Our mission  is also to lessen the suffering of Ecuador's ill, poor, and abandoned children. Thus our areas of work are education and health.

In addition, we offer accommodation for tourists, as the net income from the home stay replaces the registration fee for volunteers.

At the end of your language training or volunteering vacation and travels through Ecuador, we invite you to become a lifetime member of theVolunteering Ecuador family (no fees). After being able to speak Spanish fluently and / or having volunteered in Ecuador, the participants leave with the belief that they have made a difference as they have acquired a new, important language and have helped the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. It is our hope that you share your experiences with your family and friends, encouraging them to embark on this experience of a lifetime. For this purpose, we would like to keep in touch with former volunteers via E-mail.


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